A Selection of Previous Editorial Projects

What follows is a small representative cross section of titles I have either edited or ghostwritten over the years to give potential clients an idea of my scope and range. Some of these titles have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and graced bestseller lists.

Sorry You Missed It by Fred-Hosley
Sorry You Missed It…
by Dr. Fred Hosley
Prince Hal and the Arm of the Moon
Prince Hal and the Arm of the Moon
by Mamour Dieng
Coming Soon Book Cover
Sustainable Living and World Peace
by David Hart, Biologist and Environmentalist
Coming Soon Book Cover
Writing for Your Life #2:
Today’s Outstanding Authors Talk About the
Art of Writing and the Job of Publishing

by Sybil Steinberg, Editor
Margaret Langstaff,
Contributing Editor
by Sarah McIntosh
Too High to Go to Woodstock:
Reflections on my life and times
by Fiza Pathan
Raman and Sunny:
Middle School Blues
Sprial's End
Spiral’s End:
Hepatitis C and Me

by Jared Bryan Smith
Forever Young: The Older Woman’s Keys to Beauty, Health and Longevity

Smart Aging for Women

by Elizabeth Rigley, R.N., P.A.
Zig: The Autiobiography of Zig Ziglar
Zig: The Autiobiography of Zig Ziglar
The Journey Home Cover
The Journey Home
I'm Not Waving Cover
I’m Not Waving… I’m Drowning
Women of Mystery Cover
Women of Mystery
The Dead Don't Dance Cover
The Dead Don’t Dance
Home for Christmas Cover
Home for Christmas
Case for Character Cover
The Case for Character
Amina the Silent One
Amina: The Silent One
SOS Animals And Other Stories
S.O.S. Animals
Garden Psalms
Garden Psalms
Psalms for Women
Psalms for Women
Friendship Psalms
Friendship Psalms
Islam Echoes of Mercy
Echoes of Mercy
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Treasury of Bizarre Christmas Stories
Treasury Of
Bizarre Christmas Stories
Flame will Always Burn
The Flame Will Always Burn

Manuscript Evaluation Expert