Confidential Writing Services

Writing Consultant, Publishing Consultant, Ghostwriter

Margaret Langstaff Editorial provides a wide variety of original writing services for our clients, and over the years has served the writing needs of many household names and celebrities as well as average folk who have something they need or want to say convincingly and well.

Very often, these clients are constrained by busy schedules that prohibit their direct involvement in the writing process, yet have an important goal or agenda they want to articulate effectively. Frequently, busy business executives or public figures want a book as a “platform” to advance their careers, yet do not have the time to write it.

These clients need a great ghostwriter.

Working in close consultation with these clients, we carefully study and examine their concepts, needs and goals, clarifying and crystallizing the main points. As writing consultants, we take special care to capture accurately the authors’ own voice, tone and intentions to assure the book is a true reflection of their unique opinions and style, not ours. Finally, through exacting developmental editing and intensive manuscript consultation, we transform the authors’ ideas and views into a substantive persuasive, polished piece of prose they are proud to have associated with their names.

The client is thus the “author,” and we are the behind-the-scenes facilitators (ghostwriters) in making their wishes a reality.

We treat the entire process with the utmost confidentiality and circumspection, so the client’s role as author of the book is never called into question. The client receives full credit for the book that goes out over his or her name.

Such projects include:

  • Full-length finished book manuscripts (both fiction and non-fiction, including autobiographies and memoirs)
  • Business communiqués (press releases, white papers, website copy, etc.)
  • Op-Ed pieces
  • Position papers
  • Letters to the Editor of periodicals
  • Manifestos and political campaign speeches
  • Business Plans
  • Professional and corporate reports

We are also available to consult on publishing options and opportunities for the book thus produced, and can make printing arrangements for those authors who want to retain complete control of the production and distribution of their book.

For More Detailed Individualized Information on Our Writing Services

If you are interested in knowing more about our writing consultant services, contact us through the Contact Form on this site. We can then set up a phone appointment during which we can discuss at length your unique needs and goals. After a thorough phone consultation, we can come up with a realistic game plan and budget for your project that will get you the most suitable, effective manuscript that serves your purposes.

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