Let’s Get Started!

Our book editing process is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow the simple steps below and you’re on your way!

  • Fill out the Contact Form or email us at margaret@margaretlangstaffeditorial.com and tell us a little about your book and what you think it needs.
  • Is it fiction or non-fiction and how long is it in words?
  • Tell us how you intend to publish it and in what time frame.
  • Email us a minimum of twenty pages of the manuscript as a Word.doc attachment, and we will give you a free consultation and tentative quote for the services you requested, as well as a preliminary quote for any other editing we have identified that we think would improve it. You will receive a response from us in one-three days. If necessary, we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have by phone at that time.
  • Once we’ve come to a general ballpark agreement on fees and editorial services, email us the entire manuscript as a Word.doc attachment, and we can then realistically establish time parameters for the project and set the final fee.
  • We will then invoice you through PayPal for the down payment on the fee.
  • When you remit the down payment, we get to work on your project!


We stay busy, but have an efficient system, so chances are you will not have to wait long for an opening before we begin editing. To book our time and get on the schedule, a non-refundable down payment is required to protect our interests as others may have been turned away because of the time we blocked off for your editing project.

How It Works

We do all of our book editing with Word Markup (the industry standard). When your book is fully edited and the remaining balance of the fee is paid, we return to you a PDF file showing our edits and comments in red. You then review our work, and when you approve it, we send you a clean copy of the edited manuscript in Word. Note that all our edits are subject to your approval, and we will make any changes or adjustments you request before returning the finished manuscript to you.

Turnaround Time

Please note, it is impossible to give you a realistic turnaround time until we see the entire manuscript. Once that is accomplished, however, we typically finish our work well ahead of the agreed upon deadline.

Ongoing Consultation

It is important that you remain available by email or phone throughout the editing process as questions and issues often arise that require clarification from you as the author.

Scope of Project

After we have reached an agreement on services, fees and turnaround time, we put all of this in writing in simple memo form to avoid any future misunderstandings. No long involved contracts, just a simple email letter of agreement.

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