Fees, Terms and Policies

Fees, Terms and Policies for Our Editorial Services, Writing Services and Manuscript Consultations

We accept payment through PayPal.

All of our fees are based on an individual quote developed after a review of your entire manuscript. (Please refer to the Let’s Get Started section and check out the range of customary fees for professional editing on the Editorial Freelance Association website).

Professional editing and ghostwriting is a time-consuming, intensive process requiring amazing attention to detail and a storehouse of difficult to acquire expertise. A veteran editor goes through your manuscript fastidiously at least three times and has spent many years acquiring the necessary skill set to perform the job well. You truly get what you pay for with editing. Even a cheap copyedit or proofreading of your book by an unskilled novice editor can be worse than no edit at all and result in a mangled manuscript. It pays to use a credentialed, professional editor, and you do your book a grave disservice by skimping on editorial services.

But we don’t want you to think our editorial services are going to put you in the poorhouse! Often our fees are below the industry average. Our typical copyedit of a 65,000-word novel, for example, runs only a couple of hundred dollars or so.


We break up our editorial services fees into installment payments because some kinds of editing and writing can be expensive and extremely lengthy. Generally, our policy is that one-half of the fee is due on your agreement to engage our services, with the remaining balance due when work is completed.

In the case of very large and expensive editing or writing projects, other arrangements can be made to spread out fee payments into smaller amounts over a longer period of time. We are flexible and understanding. We will work with you if you find the fee somewhat onerous and need extra time to pay it.

Even so, the balance on the project must be paid in full before final finished product is released to client.

You will find that we are friendly, easy to work with, and very understanding. We proceed with our work on your project in close consultation with you all along the way. You always have the option of accepting or rejecting individual edits and of suggesting alternative approaches to an editorial problem.

Bottom line: As professional book editors we want to return to you a finished, polished manuscript that you are pleased with, proud to have your name on, and we want the whole process to be pleasant, clearly understandable and satisfactory to you. We want happy, satisfied clients and all our decisions are made with your best interests in mind in the hopes of producing the book of your dreams.

Writers are our favorite people! We want to make you smile! Smiling clients are repeat book editor clients—and that’s a good thing in our book!

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